Fermented Coconut Water Cktones  |  Cucumber Hydrosol  

|  Bamboo Extract  |  Dead Sea Minerals 

pH  6.1

Volume: 150 ml


What does it do?

- Enhances cell communication and  


- Hydrates epidermis

- Increased water retention 

- Promotes healthy connective tissue

- Help soothe texture irritations and reduce inflammation

- Prevents epidermal water loss

- Enhances the penetration  of active ingredients


Who is it for?

- All skin types

- Dry climates

- Acne prone skin

- Dry skin

- Sensitive skin

- Mature skin


How do I use it?

For best results use after cleansing, but before moisturizer or serum. Mist directly onto face as needed let absorb. follow with face oil or moisturizer. Can be used twice daily, or as needed.


100% Vegan, Made in Small Batches, Palm Free, No Artificial Fragrances or Colorants, Non-Comedogenic, Sulfate Free, Paraben Free, Cruelty Free, Sustainable Fair Trade

 Ingredients Only


  • distilled aloe vera, coconut water bioferment, glycerine, bamboo extract, cucumber extract, Dead Sea minerals, leucidal liquid (organic radish ferment)